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Same-Sex Marriage Rights in The USA by States Map

The Roadmap For Gender Equality Marriage

The movement of the LGBT community has fought for many years to legalize same-sex gender equality marriage rights across the USA. Before the early days, gay couples could not marry in most of the states because Congress was not acceptable as a legal marriage. Now after 2015 most of the United States legalized and accepted that same-gender gay, transgender, lesbian, bisexuals can marry each other legally. Back in 2013 source: HuffingtonPost Laura Bush was asking for “Gay Marriage Equality Group” to remove her from their ad campaign. This is a major movement towards the open world and the pride LGBT community across the country. We at GayApe have collected the before and after laws of these rights and laws and present in a map picture format. To easily see how the gay rights have changed for marrying someone the same gender.

Before Same-Sex was legalized in the US Map

Then later in 2013 according to, the Democratic party made a 1 million dollar ad campaign to support the movement with 80 LGBT civil rights and business organizations to legalize gender equality rights. Even John Miller thinks who was mentioned on Stehpen Colber Super Pac that politicians spend money on unnecessary bills like medical and do not support the gay rights and marriage equality.

Same-Sex Marriage Rights in The USA by States Map

New 2018 Same-Sex Road Map by States

So as you can see reaching almost every state has allowed anyone with the same gender to get married. Heck, even Stephen Colbert supports the Respect for Marriage movement, and what they have achieved during these past years. Just as our hot categories the group that runs Respect For Marriage where featured on CBS NEWS was outraged how the Republicans where anti-gender equality and homophobic.